After watching this video:
Comment on what you think is the best way to keep your hands clean! Post in your Class Dojo Portfolio. 
hand sanitizer video

First, watch the video "Why can't fish breathe on land?" (click on the image below to watch)

Screen capture of Why Can't Fish Breathe on Land video

Then, answer these questions:

1. Why can't fish breathe on land?

2. What did this lesson make you curious about? What other questions do you have about fish?

Finally, try this experiment:
Fish use their gills to breathe air that is in the water. It doesn’t look like there’s any air in a glass of water. But try this experiment. Fill a clear cup with water. Let it sit out on the counter for a few hours. Then look carefully at the sides of the cup. What do you notice? Try the experiment with hot water and cold water. See what happens!



CELEBRATE the FIRST launch of two American astronauts on an AMERICAN rocket to the ISS (International Space Station) Saturday , May 30, 2020! 😊

FIRST, watch, scroll down and read the information on the following link: (NOTE: Click on the image below; there is no sound.)

screen capture of NASA Launch America video

SECOND, watch the following video and learn about NASA’s “Commercial Crew Program” and its partnership with TWO commercial companies, Boeing & SpaceX. Find out how their rockets will launch American astronauts from American soil into space for the first time since the end of the space shuttle era in 2011. Also, find out what will happen as their rockets head toward the ISS and how their spacecrafts will safely, but differently, return the astronauts to Earth again. (NOTE: I watched the video several times!)

screen capture of NASA Commercial Crew Program video


NEXT, create a WORD document like this, DianeSpaceX38, but use YOUR FIRST NAME and HOMEROOM NUMBER. Then, answer these questions about May 30th’s mission:

1. What is the name of this mission’s SpaceX’s spacecraft and rocket?

2. How will the SpaceX’s spacecraft and rocket get into outer space?

3. Name each astronaut and describe their jobs on this mission.

4. What will the astronauts do aboard the ISS?

5. How will the SpaceX’s spacecraft return safely back to Earth?

6. What is the name of Boeing’s spacecraft and rocket?

7. On future missions, how will Boeing’s spacecraft return safely back to Earth?

THEN, just for FUN, and to CELEBRATE May 30th’s historical event, make a DEMO-2 Straw Rocket! You will need: paper, tape, scissors, crayons or markers, yarn, and a straw. (A ruler will be helpful, too!) After you make one, take a photo of you and your rocket or make a video of your rocket in action. Then, email them to me! See the links below:

FINALLY, if you are interested in viewing NASA’s “live” rocket launch, on SATURDAY, May 30th at 3:22pm PM, watch the official “live” stream NASA TV link below:

Your written assignment is due anytime, but no later than June 12 by 3:30 pm. 😉


Please email any questions you might have AND your WORD document to Your class DOJO